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Leaving Australia's Border to Transition during COVID Crisis (any one tried it?)

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Hi Miss Kitty,
I'm in the boat I think. My GRS was meant to happen in March in Thailand but got cancelled at the last minute. It's been really rough these last 8 months, so I can definitely empathize! But I got an email last week from the Suporn Clinic (whose doing the operation) saying they are reopened and inviting me back. I would really like to go as soon as possible, so I'm going to try to apply for an exemption on medical grounds. I'm asking for supporting letters from my GP and the surgeon himself and the psychiatrist who wrote my original surgery letters and my therapist. I'm a bit worried reject me since the operation is available in Australia. My understanding is the Thai surgical technique is different and not available here and I think the Thai technique better suits my needs. It is going to be expansive though, since I will probably have to pay for 2 weeks' quarantine both on arrival in Thailand and coming back to Australia. I wouldn't go before January to allow enough time to get documents together (the Thai paperwork sounds like a headache itself). But I have to try!

I'll keep you apprised if you like?


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