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Ring finger length

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Here's a chart showing the overlap of the digit ratios.

The problem with saying that one specific physical feature determines your gender is that it makes it easier for our detractors to discount us.

Adelaide Heart:
Thank you mod.  I was told the ratio in prison.  Ring is key. Love ya

Adelaide Heart:
It's like the lost rib

Adelaide Heart:
Sorry to give "detractors" reason to discredit us

Finger length is one of those "most of the time" things. Really there is much overlap in the average range of hormonal influenced skeletal traits between the binary sexes. Even on a person this trait can vary. My left hand the ring finger is definitely longer but on my right hand they are equal length.
Other traits are also prenatally formed. Knee joint angle has the most difference in the average numbers however the average ranges still have overlap. Along with the knees there is a corresponding difference in the elbow joints. This one has a larger overlap of average ranges.
Less visible but still useful to anthropologists in sexing skeletons is the sacral notch and sacral angle. The width of the sacrum compared to the vertebrae, also tend to be different and based on prenatal hormonal responses. Studies have shown only about a 60% accuracy when using the sacral angle alone in sexing infant and small children's skeletons. So while these small differences can be seen some of the time, there is much overlapping of traits in all humans.

But we are still speaking of the average differences in the larger group of the population


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