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Played tennis for the first time since starting transition - yay!

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I do have a white skirt, but it’s not quite as short as that one! I don’t have an all-white outfit, however. I prefer to wear darker tops.

And I’m definitely not hitting the country clubs around here that have all-whites policies - they’re very conservative institutions and some people at those clubs know that I’m trans. I’m trying to avoid kerfuffles. 



--- Quote from: Chloe on April 13, 2021, 06:55:16 pm ---No cute short skirt (and top, of course) in white only?  :angel:

 Country Club dress code ya know . . :police:

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I’m so glad things are working out for you. I had a ton of anxiety as well...there was an earlier thread that discussed that. But everything is going great for me. I played in a USTA league match for the first time as a woman this past weekend, and with the arrival of spring weather I’m playing a couple of times per week with lots of different groups, including one social group that I had played with a lot before transition - they welcomed me back with open arms. Yay!


--- Quote from: Laura1951 on April 13, 2021, 06:39:47 pm ---I'm so happy for you Sarah. I had felt so much anxiety about playing tennis with people who knew <deadname>, but it's not been a problem At. All.

Gaining a little confidence, I joined another club north of me and will start playing with them beginning this Friday. The more we play as ourselves, the more steps we take forward.

Keep it up.


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--- Quote from: sarahc on April 13, 2021, 07:59:44 pm ---I do have a white skirt, but it’s not quite as short as that one . . . I’m trying to avoid kerfuffles. 

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lol Yes! Understand completely was just chiding, "egging on"!

        Tried to play the other day with daughter's future inlaws on their homeowner assoc courts with newly acquired classic 70's racket but right leg has been KILLING ME, due to pulled muscle roller skating with 5 yr-old the week prior, so wound up just watching instead.

Found on ebay: AMF HEAD Arthur Ashe Comp 2 Composite Racquet

(ps: suspect daughter tells ALL "he's trans" so, still not being 100% socially out, am working "the conservative crowd" slowly am well-liked and accepted regardless! I've already complimented step-mom on her sandals - 'fraid to ask "where?" - and his dad always offers me a favored "Guinness" )


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