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NYC Nurse:
Hi Everyone,
Can you tell me about your experiences with healthcare?
Have you ever felt discrimination from the healthcare system?
What do you think are the most import changes that could be made in healthcare to be more welcoming and inclusive?

~NYC Nurse

I have worked in the health care industry for many years and things are way different now than they were years ago.

In the 1970's every health care worker I knew made fun of transgender people. Well, so did the news industry and just about everyone else. The situation did not change until the internet showed many people just how many there are like us and we are not joking, we are serious about our gender issues.

Today, healthcare workers have been leaders in non discrimination, non judgement for everyone, not just those with gender issues.

I've met plenty of uneducation in my interactions with the NHS services in the UK, but - in my own experience - it has always been courteous and professional.

The legal protections in the UK are strong, so a trans person would always expect a good quality of care, and make a formal complaint if they don't receive this.

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Nadine Spirit:
I've had good and bad experiences with healthcare. 

Some bad:
- my employer does not cover anything trans related, no dr's, therapy, meds, procedures, surgeries, even for things they will cover for cis-people (it's called a self pay insurance plan, it is covered under ERISA of 1974)
- when I first told my PCP at a physical, she insisted on relentlessly questioning my sexual habits even though I had just told her I have been with my wife exclusively for 25 years, she told me it was for my wife's protection
- there are no gender specialist therapists any where within driving distance of where I live in Central California
- there are maybe 1 or 2 doctors willing to prescribe HRT within about 2 hours drive surrounding my house

Some good:
- I can drive to LA where I have an amazing HRT dr
- I have an amazing therapist who used to live locally, but now I can work with online
- I have fairly close local-ish access to amazing surgeons in SF and LA

NYC Nurse:
Thank you Rakel, Megan and Nadine for your response, I appreciate you sharing your experiences!
I'm happy to hear this, I was expecting to hear multiple horror stories.  The class that I'm currently taking, totally online, I openly discuss issues that impact LGBTQ+ community.  It is rare to get any response from fellow students, and I feel a sense of exclusion from the group.  Recently, I discussed the inequities in healthcare outcomes that impact our community, again no responses, but several nurses started posting scripture (not directly as a response to me, but when commenting on their definition of family), reciting passages about man/woman, Adam/Eve, procreation....I told them  they were offensive to me, the LGBTQ+ community and any other student present who didn't share their beliefs.  There wasn't any apology, no response as expected so I feel I have much work to do educating this group of nurses. 
Yes, Nadine, I would agree with you, those are certainly negative experiences.  Why do you think there is such an issue obtaining HRT? I have heard this before from the trans community.
~ NYC Nurse


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