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Hi Peeptoe

Yeah, it wasn't very nice. I suppose over time I've just supressed memories like these which kind of internalises them. I think I've become hard to it. I've become hard. I've learned not to tell people about a lot of my experiences because it upsets them so much. I did tell a trusted friend and he started to shed tears for me. I felt awkward and really awful to make him feel so sad but I was touched by his reaction; it was so unexpected. It really took me by surprise. He was the last person I told. My psych knows, my partner and my GP. I don't even really tell people about my attitudes towards medical staff because they look at me like I'm exagerating. My GP was furious when he found out. I'm very reserved around people generally I think as a form of self protection.

What you said means a lot to me. This is the first time I've really told anyone about this in my publicly. Its really not ok is it? The nurses only knew because of the paperwork glitch. If it wasn't for that I would have been fine.



OzChick, oh well, i guess people get used to everything.. just from the perspective of another human being, i myself have at least two upcoming surgeries, and i just don't want to imagine finding myself in a similar situation.

I hope it never happens to you or anyone. Good luck with your surgeries. I’m looking to book mine myself. 😘


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