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Discrimination in Healthcare

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Nadine Spirit:
I think there are problems with obtaining HRT due mainly to ignorance and fear.  I have read accounts of doctors who know nothing of delivering hormone therapy, and who prefer it that way as they personally are not in support of transgender people, so a willful ignorance.  Though there are small town doctors who are willing to try and learn about HRT that is tough to do well.  Typically the only specialists are endocrinologists, but even then many of them only know of hormone therapy for cis people and not trans. 

A sad reality is that when you are estimated to be 0.6% of the population our needs are not deemed a high priority. 

Lady Sarah:
Pay attention to what is happening in Texas right now, after Governor Abbot told social and healthcare workers to turn away LGBTs and the disabled.


--- Quote from: NYC Nurse on October 26, 2020, 07:07:53 am ---Recently, I discussed the inequities in healthcare outcomes that impact our community, again no responses, but several nurses started posting scripture (not directly as a response to me, but when commenting on their definition of family), reciting passages about man/woman, Adam/Eve, procreation....I told them  they were offensive to me, the LGBTQ+ community and any other student present who didn't share their beliefs.  There wasn't any apology, no response as expected so I feel I have much work to do educating this group of nurses. 

~ NYC Nurse

--- End quote ---

Hi NYC Nurse,

I am a Christian who lives in a very conservative area. I don't know if you are or not, but if you want to educate this group, I can give you a couple of videos that might help. One is in the Christian forum under Intersex and the Church. It is long, about 50 minutes worth, but actually goes into what the bible really says about us, YES US! I have another one that is a little over 16 minutes long that might shock some of them into reality. I have had luck with both of these if you can get them to watch. Here is the link for the shorter one:

Both are about Intersex, but apply to us as well.



I haven't experienced any discrimination in a professional setting - per se.  A Dr. and his wife I know from church disengaged with my wife & I after I was outed to him during a hospitalization.  Unless a person wants to live dangerously, the EMR doesn't lie.

What I have run into is a need to educate, or the provider simply referring me elsewhere.

So I've consolidated my health care in Kansas City which is a 3 hour drive for me with a health system that has a complete transgender medicine program.  I've been totally thrilled with how I'm treated and the care I receive.

Not the most convenient, but as long as I can avoid an emergency, it's higher quality Healthcare.

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When I asked my PCP for a recommendation for an endocrinologist for HRT, he was very kind.  He's older like me and originally from South America.  He's good and never misgenders me.  When I first came out and was still dressing male I saw a specialist who I could tell was surprised when she walked in the room. (I was never very masculine looking.)  Later I spoke to her about her reaction to explain my status.  She was very happy for me and asked a number of good, polite questions.  I've had nothing but good reactions and responses from medical personnel.  I do live in the Northeast part of the country so this may have something to do with it. 


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