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As I Am..
« on: October 26, 2020, 09:35:38 pm »
So, time have been great for your girl, much of my instability has come to rest and i plan continuing my newfound achievements.

So why as i am..

I guess i went through a phase of being such a spiritual warrior, and being totally sane in the fact, but maybe it is age, but i am settling into just being trans-female or transgender. Nothing bothers me, and i am moving into surgery so maybe this is a major factor into my sense of self and the peace i have obtained within life. My family acknowledges me, and everyone recognizes my transition, no matter my appearance or instability/stability. I've been through some wild and crazy experiences especially that are in opposition to all that i am..

It never bothered me, but now life is just at ease.. again maybe it is age lol..

I'd have grand philosophical thoughts and had a tie to God about it, that was and is true, but now i am at peace.

Dang, words cannot explain, but its amazing to see havoc and finally come to a place within oneself.
I am simply done chasing the global ideal, and i am ready to live my life.

Even if i am denied surgery, i can live my life as a transwoman in peace (and dysphoria).

This was just as dispersed as the idea to express my sense of joy and success/accomplishments in a forum as i assumed it would be. Now all i have to endure is the worlds craziness, which is not a biggie  ::)

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