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--- Quote from: Lady Grey on March 07, 2021, 10:55:33 pm ---The answer is no.  Transition is a process.  Who you are today.  The way you think about things.  ALL that will change after a while.  You will change. That's the magic of it.  It requires a leap into the unknown. Ask yourself will you always regret it if you don't take the leap?  I know personally that the fears I had back then are all irrelevant to who I am today.  But you are wrong about the no guarantee thing.

--- End quote ---

Transition is a process, it is a journey.  We have different routes and different destinations.  We each experience different obstacles and different motivators.  We have our own agendas, timetables, fears, and desires.



Northern Star Girl:
Most transitioners are quite aware that there is much more to passing than just appearance. 
As a side note, we are all aware that among cis-women that we can see those that appear very feminine and some that do not... the same thing as it applies to cis-men, some appear very masculine and some can appear to have some feminine features.    We are all very different whether we are male or female

While the makeup and accessories do help with the process of passing, other important things like clothing, hair, nails, mannerisms, voice and voice inflection, body movements, sitting, walking, eating and how we converse with one another....    all of that is obvious if we do any people-watching at a busy place like an airport or a shopping mall, and especially at a restaurant or coffee shop.  It becomes very apparent when we just watch the male/female couples and how they appear, how they interact, converse, eat, and walk with each other.


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