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Chapter 5: I am Emma

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Dear All:

I started my thread March 14, 2018 but really became part of this community on August 24, 2018.  Like many I “ghosted” this site, afraid of who and what I was.
I have learned so much.  I have learned that it is ok to be transgender.  It is ok to be selfish.  I also learned that I truly can’t suppress any longer who I am from myself.

Regardless of how I physically manifest myself to the world, I am Emma and I love it.  I don’t even care if I am called “Emma” by the world and I don’t care if everyone knows.  I know.

When I first heard “true self” or “authentic self” I dismissed those phrases as pure psychological manipulations.  I learned that I was amazingly wrong an I am happy to admit it here.

So I am starting a new chapter and I hope it will be far more joyful than the last four chapters.   I hope that I can share the laughable experiences I will have embracing life on a new planet, after my flight from Mars to Venus.

Thank you to all again for your endless support and wonderful love.

I can summarize the four prior chapters as "Do I have gender dysphoria?", "Am I transgender?", "What am I transitioning to?" and “This is who I am.”

Here are the links:

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Emma:
I am thrilled to see that you have moved on to your Chapter 5 titled "I am Emma"

With eagerness I will be looking for your new comment replies as you start your Chapter 5.

I am always wishing you success and wishing you well.
HUGS and my best wishes to you as you continue in your journey.

Hi Emma,

I have remained in the shadows for awhile, but I have continued to read your thread. I am happy to see the name of this one. You ARE Emma. I have felt this since I first read your threads and realized who I am as well. I hope for nothing but happiness for you in the days ahead.


Dear Emma..

Welcome to what some people refer as ‘gender euphoria’. 
That’s the feeling, the feeling when you arrive at a place of ‘self’.  It’s not a destination (although it may be for some), but it takes a lot of things to combine together to feel it.. and it’s an achievement in itself.

those who know, and have felt it, will join me in sending you warmth and hugs.. remember this moment, for there will be more and there will also be times when you need to remember to help you through difficult moments on the path ahead.. it works..

Xx Ang

I am so happy to see this, Emma!    I have these special moments throughout the week of awareness in joy and gratefulness that I transitioned.   No more closet, no more shame, I am Dorit!


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