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Working out as MtF

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--- Quote from: Margrit on November 06, 2020, 11:35:46 am ---Oh well yes, that is a other challenge.  :D

 ;D window-shopping  ;D

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I know the concept of window shopping but i’m far too weak for that!! It goes like this.....

Ooh nice dress she says looking through the window , well, ill just have a closer look, ooh they have my size! Ooh....,,  walks out with shopping bag containing dress!!

I’m just soooooooo weak

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--- Quote from: barbie on November 06, 2020, 01:32:22 pm ---I have run regularly since 2003. I started to track my running and bike activity in 2011, and it says I ran (or biked) ca. 15,000 km or 10,000 miles. I guess multiplying by a factor of 2 (2020-2011/2020-2003) gives my total running distance since 2003 approximately 30,000 km or 20,000 miles. The circumference of the earth is ca. 40,000 km, and I will reach it by 2030.

Google Fitness says that last week I took a total of 57,751 steps.

Yesterday, I could not run as I was on travel, but still I took a total of 8,327 steps by walking.

Recently my body weight once increased, and I decreased my daily consumption of rice, my major source of carbohydrate, by 1/3. Now I have nearly the same bodyweight as in 2003. Anyway, my body shape has been nearly the same since 2003. 

Your everyday habit of activities determines your body shape.


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I run 6 mornings a week, I think I did 133000 steps last week which is quite normal for me. Let’s NOT talk about how much chocolate and cake I’ve consumed though

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--- Quote from: Pammie on November 06, 2020, 03:33:43 pm ---I run 6 mornings a week, I think I did 133000 steps last week which is quite normal for me. Let’s NOT talk about how much chocolate and cake I’ve consumed though

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Yes. I was also once a big eater. Actually, I exercised to eat and drink more. But I am getting old, and it does not work any more. I had to decrease the daily amount of meal, especially carbohydrates.

For running every 2 days is enough, but a major problem here is the air quality, which tends to deteriorate especially in winter and spring. Anyway I try to run whenever the air is clean.


Maid Marion:
I get a lot of exercise gardening.  I have hundreds of flowering shrubs in my yard.  I get a lot of exercise pruning them all year.  Yes, I prune them in the middle of winter as well as the middle of summer.

Like Barbie, I've cut down my portion sizes.  But, since I paid off the house and can afford it, I'll buy more expensive food to cook whenever I feel like it.   ;D   I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch made with wasabi flavored cheddar cheese and sourdough bread.


Our body's evolved to allow us run and walk on top of soil which has some give to it. Now that the vast majority of the surface we traverse has been replaced with concrete or equally stiff surfaces our joints are subjected to far more wear and tear especially if you are carrying extra weight. To minimize these adverse affects it would be beneficial to seek out softer surfaces to traverse as much as you can.


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