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Animated Self Portrait

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Haley Conner:
@barbie Aside from the initial learning of the process, it's quite easy, like tracing.  It just takes a little time and patience.  Kind of a new look for me here....The lighting is quite bad, which is probably a good thing since I'm not wearing makeup.  There was a bright spot in the frame that threw the lighting off.  I had some pictures of a new dress I just got, but they all came out very dark but with brightly glowing legs.  :D (edit) Since I'm wearing mini-skirts now, you might have to wear a conservative dress once or twice to balance the cosmic forces.  :D

Northern Star Girl:
@Haley Conner
Dear Haley:
I am quite impressed with your animated self portrait....  I am not blessed with the artist gene, so I am not a qualified in that regard, but please feel free to post some more of your artistic endeavors.

I will be eager looking for your future drawings, animations and artwork posts.



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@Rachel, Barbie, and LaRae, Looking great!
I am posting this here because nobody ever looks in the hobbies section.  I made this from footage of myself, but narrowed my shoulders at certain angles, and also daintified my face somewhat.  I thought it was pretty cool though not technically a photo...:

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Very nice!


Haley Conner:
@Chrissy and Danielle, Thanks!  I had fun making it, though it was a little tedious.  :)


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