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What skin lotion/moisturizer and fragrance do you use?


Just wondering.....

I use Nivea almond and vanilla lotion every day and Bond #9 Wall Street since it first came out.

Do you change it up every once in awhile or not?

I don’t change it up at all. My mom (and Ex now that I think about it) never varied from Chanel #5.



We use anything but Nivea due to their anti-LGBT stance.

For me, anything that is hypo allergenic.

I have no allergies, but I see little added benefit in exposing myself to possible allergens. Also, the simplest, least complicated lotion is usually the best. After all, the only ingredient that moisturizes is water. The manufacturers also add a bit of oil to keep the water in place. All the other stuff is mainly for fragrance and to keep bacteria from growing in the lotion.

If I am going outside in the bright sun, I like a little sunscreen in the lotion as well. Again, I prefer anything hypo allergenic.


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