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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has any information or places they have been to for laser hair removal / waxing in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria ?



Welcome back Ashley,

I noticed that you have not posted any messages since 2016.

Since I live in Florida, I cannot be any help to you, but I am sure someone here might know where you can be zapped or waxed near your home.

I am curious as to why you have not mentioned electrolysis, as this method of hair removal is much more permanent?

Hi Rakel

Thankyou so much

--- Quote from: Rakel on November 13, 2020, 07:02:10 pm ---I am curious as to why you have not mentioned electrolysis, as this method of hair removal is much more permanent?

--- End quote ---

Here in Australia specially Melbourne, my research into location is very wide as some people say LHR is better then electrolysis and vice versa. Based on my location there are more places to do LHR then electrolysis. but I'm happy to try both.

I have one of these IPL Long Term Hair Removal devices and I'm still waiting to see results  ;D

but thank you for reply

I hope the Florida is a nice and sunny place. As we get rolling thunderstorms and starting to get  30 + degrees Celsius. too hot for me. I love the mild weather more.

Kind regards

Ashley :angel:

Just some of my experiences -- YMMV.

LHR worked great on most body hair, but it didn't do much for my face or neck. IPL was a waste of money for me. I tried a home unit and it did singe the hair off the surface, but it had no effect on regrowth. The Tria home laser did work, but it takes many treatments and long time before you see any results. For facial and neck hair, I highly recommend electrolysis. Just my two cents...

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Hi Ashley,

Greetings fellow Aussie! I know you posted this a few months ago, but since hair removal is a long term process I thought I'd see if my experiences can help out. This "advice" is just my experience with my body hair and my beard hair, obviously everyone is different but hopefully this gives you some sort of baseline for understanding.

Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL)
The term is misleading because it's not actually a laser. In my experience IPL is not very effective for either body hair or facial hair. Basically it's a waste of time, money and pain. You do get some short term hair reduction and it does hurt less than laser or electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal (LHR)
For body hair, laser hair removal is your best bet, depending on your skin tone and the colour and texture of your body hair. For me I've got pale skin (type II) and very dark black body hair and this is the best combination for success in hair removal using laser, since the laser energy is treating the dark black hair and less energy goes into the surrounding skin because of the wide difference in tone. For those with either darker skin tones or lighter body hair (or both), laser hair removal is still possible but a special type of machine needs to be used.

It is expensive and it hurts. A lot. You need to prepare for the treatment by close shaving all the areas you want zapped just before your treatment. Most beauticians will have post laser products to help soothe your skin but expect to feel a bit sorry for yourself until the next day. As your body hair starts to reduce the pain and post treatment irritation gets better and better until it's not really a big deal at all. but it's always expensive.

I've had whole body laser hair removal treatments 29 times in the last five years and I have 99% reduction of body hair. Basically I don't grow any body hair anywhere other than the "hormonal" areas (scrotum and anus). My underarms, bikini area, arms, legs, torso are 99% hair free permanently. I get a whole body laser treatment once every six months to keep any hairs suppressed. I follow that up with a wax treatment a month later to pick u[ the 1% of hairs that stubbornly remain. Those hairs are very fine and usually white hairs that laser just won't kill.

I've had laser hair removal (LHR) on my face and neck (beard growth zones) 36 times in the last five years, although I stopped getting this done a couple of years ago now. While it really REALLY hurts, I found that LHR on the face works quite well to reduce and suppress beard growth. So why did I stop doing it? Because, unlike on the rest of my body, the beard hairs just never stop growing if you stop the LHR treatments. That brings me to -

Which is the gold standard for all hair removal, but is really the only way for facial hair or beard zones in my opinion. I recommend never using LHR on your beard but instead going to electrolysis from day one. It's the only method that will bring you permanent hair removal over a period of time. While it took four years or so of monthly LHR to achieve permanent hairlessness in my body, I can't tell you how many treatments or how long it takes to permanently remove my entire beard because that's a work in progress. What I can tell you from my understanding is that it's most likely a two to three year project with say monthly treatments of one to two hours per session.

You would expect the same hairs and the same area of your face to be treated by electrolysis several times over. It's not the case that one zapping of a hair shaft will kill it permanently. Note that for those white hairs that LHR can't kill, this is your best option.

It's expensive and it really REALLY hurts. And let me tell you, those whiskers growing on your lip margin, you are really going to know about it when those babies get zapped. You can use Emla topic numbing cream to help. Put it on and wait an hour before treatment and it will help a lot.

With respect to electrolysis, your best bet is to google an electrologist in a convenient location. For LHR, one of the big chains like Laser Clinics Australia is your best bet. They use the latest machines and they are reasonably priced. Good luck!

Did I mention it hurts and it's expensive?


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