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Donating blood here in australia


Hi all

I wanted to let everyone  know that there is a shortage of blood donations Victoria and Australia wide, because of COVID.

Today I went and donated blood for the first time. I spent about 20-45 mins doing questions and talking to a lovely nurse and doing all the blood pressure and so on for a new donor.

She asked if I was talking any medications or drugs and I told her 'yes', I told her that I am transgender.
She was surprised but interested about it all and wanted to learn more, i spent 10 - 20 mins talking about some things but told her that there are youtubers and forums she can read also.  She said all medications were fine to donate and she signed me off.

All up the pain part was alright like a normal blood test but bigger  ;D

I would Highly recommend donating if you can as Australia is short of blood. it would only take a hour out of your day.

With my first experience it was fantastic. I did it with the Australia Red Cross Lifeblood. they have a app and you can book a time.



just a small update lol

Just found out that ill be doing more donations in the future as i have the rarest type of blood "AB-"  only 1% of our population has this type. lol

so it a bit hard for me to not say no lol


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