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big kim:
I want to grow my hair longer. Biotin has been suggested as an aid but I heard it increases facial and body hair. Has anyone had this problem? I'm 63, 26 years post op, electrolysis completed with ash blonde/ grey hair midback length

The B vitamin you mentioned, taken in moderation, should be okay, at least, it makes sense so.  Finasteride may help too.


I take Biotin for my nails. It's made quite a positive difference.

I haven't noticed any increase in body/face hair.

Estrogen seems to have sorted my head hair so I can't say that Biotin made any difference to that.

I take Biotin, but I also take finasteride. The combination has definitely helped reduce head hair loss. I definitely have not seen an increase in body hair; on the contrary, body hair is definitely much lower than before HRT. Not sure about facial hair...seems unaffected.

Agree that Biotin also helps with nails.



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