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Australian friends??? NSW area?

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I wish I had some IRL transgender friends so we can do make-overs together!!

I'll make you look so beautiful and special!

There’s heaps of trans people in NSW and especially Sydney. There is/was social groups before Covid, but I think they got stopped. Not sure if they started up again.

Still haven't gotten any messages. :( lol. x

Allie Jayne:
Froodah, I’m Aussie, but live south of Melbourne, and with my overhanging brows and lids, I tend to go very minimal on makeup. I am a member of a Melbourne trans group which meets twice a month, and many members see each other in between. It’s a 2 hour drive for me, so I only get together with them every 2 months, but I cherish our time together!



Wish you lived near me!! xx.


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