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Transition After 70


Transition After 70: Why This Transgender Woman Made the Change

Patch Media by Tim Moran on December 2, 2020

Steve English has a man's name and, until her 70th birthday, had a man's body. But her gender is female. And she says it always has been. It gnawed at her heart that kids are killing themselves over their gender identification. She knew it was time to make the physical change — if for no other reason than to be a beacon for them, to shine a light and guide them from the darkness.


We bloom when we're ready to bloom.

That makes English's decision to come out after 70 all the more rare.

"To the general public, I am a freak," said English, a resident of Chicago's Beverly neighborhood and owner of The Blossom Boys flower shop.

"But I am not a freak," she said. "I am a transgender woman."

she looks great and the pink hair is nice on her! Definitely has the spunk and pep in the step.. go she

SailorMooo  ::)


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