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Have decided I'm just a crossdresser.


I guess the only part about being female that appeals to them is just presentation...

It's actually quite deep being a crossdresser.

But socially I think I am strong, masculine, and can fill that role.

I am not interested in female partners, or male partners either.

Maybe I'm not as sensitive or as feminine as I think I am.

I strongly want to be pretty. Male beauty doesn't match how I want to feel about myself at all.

I've been treated hard, like a boy, my whole life, and I've made it this far.

When they've worn make-up they used to want deliberately to look like a boy, like a handsome boy wearing make-up, it was a cool look that didn't feel wrong at all.

In the club scenes they accept crossdressers.

I'm not attracted to females.

Here's a photo without my wig. They have a geisha doll look.

It's nice to all be so unique!

hey!!you look beautiful!!!
I really need a lesson about make up from you
Only a question: How do you hide your beard?


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