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Study highlights PSA screening gaps for transgender people

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--- Quote from: sarahc on December 08, 2020, 12:57:42 pm ---My primary care doctor (who works with a ton of trans patients, as she is part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health that did the above-mentioned study) says that it is important for me to continue to get screened, and she wants me to have a prostate exam at the usual times (starting at age 50)

With that said, however, my PSA has completely nosedived on HRT. I had a PSA of 1.4, but now it's down to undetectable.


--- End quote ---

Before HRT, I had a fairly high PSA number which concerned my primary doctor. With HRT, my PSA has dived as well. My prostrate is still enlarged and, thank goodness, it's easier to pee, but my doc still wants to monitor my PSA yearly. I suspect that once I have GCS and I'm not on Spiro anymore, my PSA will return to its prior high level.


Funny you should mention this.  I have a PSA lab test scheduled for Thursay. (Thanks to the pandemic, the lab now requires booked appointements.)  I wonder if I have to study for the test.   ;)


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