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"unicorn forest"? More like Siberian Tundra

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I'm feeling a little more alive than I was in December.

Maybe the ice and snow are starting to melt.  I somehow have an image of the Alpine Garden on Mount Washington, with the rocks and tiny plants beginning to be visible, and the soggy ground squishy like a wet sponge.  Like the mountains around, it's all grey granite outcroppings and boulders (lots and lots of lichen-covered boulders), but in between are bits of biosphere, just holding on, waiting for the time to become right to frantically make seeds and scatter them, and then lie back into suspended animation, to survive until the next spring -- or not.

Earlier this week, I visited a friend of mine who got brain cancer (glioblastoma?) which came on rather suddenly last March, just as the medical system was being thrown into chaos by Covid.  She's still alive, a year later, which I gather is already an accomplishment with glioblastoma, but there are a lot of abilities that have been wiped out, especially in language and muscle coordination, and this has really thrown her.  She kept going back to talking about the things she can't do and how frustrated she is, and how she's hoping that it will come back at some point (for some suitable interpretation of "come back.)  I suppose it's kind of a premonition of what will happen to many of us at some point, unless we have the "good fortune" of going quickly.  Anyway, I kept trying to bring up things other than what she can't do; she is a music teacher and a trained musician, and she can still play the violin, though the many months away from it due to hospitalization and rehab have taken their toll, and she can knit.

My own music has been kind of languishing in the arctic winter of the soul I've been going through.  I play piano, flute, and guitar, and sing, but it's been hard to keep it up.  I try to make a point of practicing piano at least once a day (I replaced my century-old piano with one that actually plays right, so I should take advantage of that, right?), but "the salt has lost its savour," so to speak.  I just slog on, on the principle of "fake it til you make it."  I keep hoping it will come back whenever I can start making music with other people again.  (Making music in a group via Zoom is pretty hopeless.)

Drip, drip, drip....

  I have heard it said that timing is everything and it truly is. Just happened to for no reason
at all , check here today , its been a long time and I even remembered my password.
  I do remember with fond memories all of you , some of the old group have moved to a non binary site which I seldom go on either so really have little contact with anyone. SJ and I do communicate fairly often and she is doing well and tells me Ativan is also.
  Take care everyone , I am doing well and in my 70s now but still moving strong.
God Bless You All ,  Patty

I am happy to see you here again, Patty.

You really should post more often. Many of the younger kids here can benefit from your experiences.


--- Quote from: Rakel on May 07, 2021, 07:12:48 pm ---... Many of the younger kids here can benefit from your [justpat's] experiences.

--- End quote ---

I could tell them useful things like:

"In my day I had to walk 6 miles to school every day, in 3 foot snowdrifts -- uphill both ways!"

Then again, maybe not so useful.....

Hey As he,

I play mandolin and I've also found it difficult to keep going ever since my teacher died and then Covid broke up my weekly jam sessions.

I signed up for a music camp in August, which is starting to get me motivated. If nothing else I need to rebuild my callouses!

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