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Have you thought of detransitioning or holding still in your transition?

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Have you thought of detransitioning or holding still or going very slowly in your transition?  Why?

Have you detransitioned, or detransitioned, then started transitioning again?  Why? 
How far and for how long did you transition before reversing direction, then perhaps reverse course to transition again?   These have got to be tough and delicate situations.   



Prior to my firm decision to transition, I tried occasional estrogen sampling with non-prescription herbals and cross dressing. I found the cross dressing unsatisfactory. It just did not do anything to relieve my dysphoria. The estrogen sampling was only helpful for a  short time and I knew the dangers of this risky behavior. If I was to continue with the estrogen, I needed professional prescriptions and monitoring. That is when I went to see a counselor and an Endocrinologist. The rest is history.

I am holding still without transitioning.  Like most people, family considerations and career are the main reasons.  I tried to take spironolactone a few times but became pretty uncomfortable even at very low dosage so stopped.  I would like to try to get on estradiol but I may like it too much.  Still trying to find the best way to proceed.  I may ask for bicalutamide to see what this antiandrogen will do for me. 

Covid definitely suspended progress for me. With international travel all but suspended this year I could not get to where I needed to be for meds, electrolysis, and in person shopping. Hopefully, vaccine will open travel up this coming year.

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I wouldn't say I 'reversed' - and I use that term for lack of a better one - but I did pause at certain stages, mainly due to external factors such as family, social, career or medical. I took these opportunities to let my mental-self catch up with physical/social changes.

Early on - before social transition and HRT, I did attempt to not go any further with my transition, to keep my family together. It was a decision that almost cost me my life.

I think if someone who is continuing to explore their gender identity feels that moving back closer to their assigned gender may work better for them, then it's great. If it's due to external forces, less so.

Also, let's no forget our gender fluid friends, to them transition/de-transition are quite meaningless expressions :-). X

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