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My travel exemption was approved!

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I need to travel to Thailand for GRS. The clinic I'm going to reopened in November, so I applied for an exemption to travel on urgent medical grounds, and the Dept of Home Affairs approved it! It only took them a few hours to approve my application. So that was a pleasant shock. I thought it would be harder to convince them, so I had gotten letters of support from my GP, psychiatrist, therapist, a former therapist and the surgeon. I don't know how much of all that was necessary.

So looks like I should be able to go pretty soon, I hope mid-late January!  :D It's going to be expensive, and a bit stressful, but I can't keep waiting. I was meant to go in March but it got cancelled at the last minute. It's been a year of bare survival....

Maid Marion:
Hi Fleur!


Good luck!


Thanks Marion!   :)

I hope your travels and surgery will all be smooth and goes very well!


I wish you the best, Fleur.

Come back better than ever.  ;)


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