Author Topic: Federal judge strikes down Ohio law prohibiting transgender people from  (Read 148 times)

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Federal judge strikes down Ohio policy prohibiting transgender people from correcting their birth certificate
CNN by Devan Cole on December 16,  2020
A federal judge on Wednesday struck down Ohio's policy prohibiting transgender residents from correcting the gender marker on their birth certificate, clearing the way for individuals to alter the document to reflect their gender identity.

Judge Michael Watson wrote in his decision that prior to 2016, the state had allowed such changes to be made, but that the new policy, which was instituted by the state's Department of Health in consultation with then-Republican Gov. John Kasich's office, violates the Constitution.
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Re: Federal judge strikes down Ohio law prohibiting transgender people from
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Dear Laura:
This is super-good-news that affects most of our members here.
Thank you for digging up this NEWS story and posting it here on the Forums.

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