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Anyone into punk rock?

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--- Quote from: big kim on December 18, 2020, 03:31:42 pm ---Favourite British punk groups    Favourite American punk groups
Cocksparrer                           The Offspring
Anti Nowhere league                Dropkick Murphys
Booze & Glory                         Greenday
Vice Squad                             Less than Jake
Eddie & the Hot rods                The Interruptors
                                           Against Me
                                          Glitter Trash
                                          Old Firm Casuals

Also a huge fan of Hanoi Rocks/Mike Monroe

--- End quote ---

If you like the Drop Kick Murphy's you should check a Canadian group known
As the Dreadnoughts, they're roots are mostly in Celtic Punk heavily influenced by The Pogues and Stan Rogers, they also dabble in eastern/northern European styles, such as polka,

They're Album Polkas Not Dead is wild. I discovered it during a bad acid trip at a festival, I decided to listen to my headphones to distract myself and remember I wanted to listen to that album. I literally fell in love with it. I just listened to it on repeat for hours, such a wild head trip.

The Dreadnoughts.


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