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Toni's amazing confused journey

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Overall all is well. The hrt I guess is subtlety progressing. My wife teased me the other day in the store as I was turning around and brushed a display of gift cards making some fall in the floor. My wife laughed saying my butt was getting bigger. I guess I'm curving out.
Work is fine the customers all very nice. A young man the other day looked at me deeply in the eyes chatting while he was in my checkout line. At the end saying thankyou Toni as he walked out. We wear nametags at work so customers know our name. His looking deeply in my eyes felt intimate. I don't know how to interpret that. Either he was attracted to me or maybe just deeply amazed and intrigued. Like I told my hair stylist the other day at the very least I bring a bit of "color" to this little northwoods area.
I was trying to find a previous topic about being a trans advocate. In my mind I'm concluding that I am a trans advocate by just being me. Whether people see me as cis or trans at work we chat and more times than not they leave with a smile on their face. If they see me as cis that's fine and if they see me as trans  that's good too as they get to leave having interacted with a trans woman who left them feeling good about themselves.
Last Sunday my church girlfriend was a bit disappointed as I had only worn a more casual outfit rather than a nice dress. I'll get more dressed up next time.
Well time to get lunch cooking for when my Honey comes home to eat. Then off to work I go.

Wow time just goes by so quickly so catch up time here. My job is going well. I treat it as my recreation and social time chatting with the customers. I am amazed that even those who knew me in my town pre transition address me as a woman. I had one customer tell me that I should be a radio announcer as my voice according to her was so soothing.

Father's Day yesterday and was literally uneventful. Like my Honey said I am now a mommy. Even my in laws said the same thing so that was good. It's a little weird for me but good. This is the first Father's Day to pass this way so I guess I'm certainly well into the social part of transitioning too.

So that's just my quick check in.
Happy Pride month and Happy 1st day of summer.


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