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I surrendered to Women's Jeans (Finally)

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I have been wearing women's shorts for years while cycling, and have not had a lot of hair on my legs since high school.
The last couple of months as my body has changed in the lower end, my men's jeans rub in the thigh area, so I took a chance and bought some women's jeans just to try.  They felt pretty good and soft and comfortable.  I thought why can't men's jeans be like this? 
Its interesting that when I would wear my short riding shorts around town, to department stores, with my feminine legs tanned and shaved well, I would get more looks from women, than men.  I often wondered what they thought when they saw me.  But anyhow its women's pants most of the time now.  I sometimes think I'm a cross dreamer more than anything else. 
Has anyone else had the same issues with jeans? 
Thanks in advance...


I found the fit much better- from the way they hug your hips to the flexibility in styles, I love my women's jeans.  Skinny jeans accentuate my calves, but my new fave is a pair of flared boot-cut jeans that have the curves in ALL the right places!



Yes to all, I was a little  :embarrassed: at first, but so many jeans that are men's look like women's that I figure I would not get pointed out.  I still like the long pockets in the front though of the men's lol. 
Thank you for you input  :)

I've been wearing only women's jeans for at least 3 years now. I love the stretch and that they aren't harsh. Pockets are a downside. I always use a purse or a fanny pack now.

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I struggled for a long time with this...oh yea my wallet does not fit in my rear pocket anymore either especially when I sit down on a chair.. :laugh:


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