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I surrendered to Women's Jeans (Finally)

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--- Quote from: JaimeL71 on August 19, 2021, 08:59:35 am ---I love the light weight and the soft and stretchy feel.  They are great for going stealth-fem.
--- End quote ---

They sound just like the jeans I like to go for.  I'm gonna start wearing ankle boots with them soon as well.  Just wear pink trainers with them for now and that's not really stealth I guess :laugh:

Maid Marion:
I've gotten used to carrying a small cross body bag when I go out wearing women's jeans or pants.
Pockets aren't big enough to carry stuff.


Women’s jean fit me better than men’s jeans.  I still do not like the form snugging tight jeans but I also do not wear the baggy jeans, a.k.a. “Mom jeans.”

Enjoy wearing your jeans!   :)



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