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I surrendered to Women's Jeans (Finally)

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Susan R:
I enjoy woman’s jeans so much more than men’s. I grew up wearing only Levi 501 button crotch jeans. I loved the way they used to fit me. Shortly after starting starting HRT, I gave away all my men’s clothes except for my favorite pair of 501s that were broken in really well. After several months though, I tried them on one last time and they felt horrible. They were baggy in all the wrong places and too wide on the waist. They went to goodwill the very next day.

Susan R🌷

Thanks Susan for the input, I am currently wear Angels Curvy Boot Cut, size 12, there a little loose around the waist, but I don't like them real tight so I am happy with these :)  I could probably wear a size 10

Maid Marion:
Yes, I switched over as well.  At first I thought they didn't fit because I dropped my waistline to 25 inches.  It finally dawned on me that my waistline was above my belly button, not below.  That is why I had to wear a belt to keep them from sliding off.  :o

But, I'm non binary in that I'll wear anything that fits well. It is just that it is so much easier to find clothes that fit in the women's departments.  I'm keeping my 501s as long as they fit.  ;D

I bought two pairs of pants in the winter VS clearance sale.  The boyfriend cut is exactly what I wanted.  Thick fabric for winter and will be easily hemmed to fit me just right.  Short pockets as expected.  The other pair is interesting.  Very thin soft fabric for lounging around.  More difficult to hem but I have a coverstitch machine for that.


Where I can I wear tight woman’s jeans, but where I cannot I have found the next best thing. Jeans from jeff banks (uk) they fit really well, if fact I do not know how men can wear them lol

Jessica xx

Thank you all for the kinds words and input.  Before I purchased my Angels jeans, I bought some 501's thinking they would fit, I use to wear the all the time, they did not fit, which I was surprised cause a lot of women wear them.  But everyone is different and how they grow, which is what makes us all special and worthy.  ;)
Thanks again :)


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