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Better late than never


After lurking around and thinking maybe I'm Trans I must say I don't think so, But place me under its umbrella and call me non-binary and ok I guess so. All I know is my inners have never matched my outers, and my inners are saying it's time for me to come out at age 63. Actually It started at age 46 to my wife but I really wasn't sure what I was back then. But anyhow I've obtained my letter, I have an endocrinologist, and I'm seeing a surgeon January 4, 2021 to talk about a bilateral orchiectomy w/ a scrotal excision I have my fingers crossed, I've asked the endo to place me on a low dose estrogen. Lets see what happens, I'm excited but nervous. I've had a full life a wife, children, grandchildren, and retirement. I'm not sorry for the direction I have taken I've been quite fortunate actually it's just that the time has come for me and to take care of me, it's time to be me and not what I think everyone else thinks I should be I don't want to cheat myself anymore. So thank y'all for allowing this older individual to express myself. I hope my thoughts have not offended anyone.     


Your post does not offend anyone. We understand. We are all different and have different plans for ourselves. We have a number of people here who identify as NB. Some are non op and others had an orchiectomy. Some are taking hormones and others are not. We do what we feel is right for ourselves.

Take care.  :-*

Hi Darilee,

Welcome from another late transitioner! Everything you said is fine and reflects your own path. I hope it goes well for you. Keep us posted.

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It's never too late to come to act on a greater understanding of yourself!!  You haven't offended this non-binary girl- just live your best life!!




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