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Asking experienced post-op ladies for cosmetic revision advice


Hi ladies,

I have shared my own story in the past on this forum. I had left my vagina alone for several years after my initial (colon) SRS was "unsatisfactory to me" at PAI in 2004 and I involuntarily had to have 4 functional revisions later on with different Thai surgeons including Dr Preecha, Dr Burin, Dr Thiti and Dr Kunaporn (the last revision was with Dr Kunaporn and I thankful for him).

Functionally, I am still grateful that I can have sexual intercourse (my depth varies between 5-6 inches and I can dilate with a 32-34mm glass dilator). I can orgasm both by masturbation and sex, depending on my arousal levels. However, I have never been that impressed by my cosmetic appearance down there (I have to be honest). If I had to rate my vagina, I would probably say that my vagina just looked "okay" (since there are undeniably some differences between a cis and trans vagina in my opinion). Without sounding pessimistic, I do not think my vagina looks that flattering and so natural that only a doctor can tell etc. Having said that, because I have been able to have sex with most male partners (long term and casual) without being questioned about my genitals, for a long time I was under the impression that my vagina passed on most occasions (yes, I have had the occasional clocking of course) given that there is so much variation in vaginas out there.

However, the last couple of years, I am not having consistent luck in regards to my genitals passing, my vagina sadly has been getting clocked easier compared to before. I also do not think it is a case of me becoming less feminine or pretty. I am mid 30's, I would consider myself stealth in most occasions, I typically attract straight cis men whom I am attracted to also. In regards to the cosmetics of my vagina, I cannot seem to pinpoint as to what has changed over the last few years. I really do not like speculating but I am wondering if straight men just have been watching a lot of cis porn and they have really studied cis vaginas or they might even be looking up what post op vaginas look like so they can avoid post-op trans women (unfortunately, there IS a growing culture of transphobic straight cis men online who are preoccupied with relentlessly pursuing how to clock trans women and post op vaginas even giving each the hot tips and sharing their experiences etc.) Over the last few years, I have sometimes received comments like "your vagina looks operated/fake/different" or "feels weird, different" which have really triggered my dysphoria towards my own genitals. I do not regret SRS but I feel like I am also stuck in a situation I cannot escape. I would say I look very feminine overall. However, I have sadly come to the realisation that I perhaps do not pass that well in the genitals department which is a potential giveaway that has led to me getting both openly and silently dumped after the sexual encounter is complete (they either question me openly or they ghost me, usually due to cosmetics of my vagina) and either outcome ends up in getting rejected.

Therefore, I am hoping a cosmetic revision is a possibility for me to improve my quality of life. Although i am not a perfectionist, I feel like my 16 year old vagina is due for her facelift since SRS techniques would have been updated more by now. Hence why, I have decided to look into a revision which would include an anterior and posterior commissure surgery to give me the neater and anatomically correct look similar to a cis vagina hopefully. I have noticed that just like mine, a lot of Thailand style vaginas tend to have the bulky "U" shape (with the dog or elephant ears at the top and the gaping hole at the bottom and the vagina looks too exposed when the legs are wide open.

What are your thought and experiences on this topic? Any advice for cosmetic revision or surgeon choices? Thank you in advance :)


I am considering a revision myself for my own reasons, which I prefer to keep to myself.  Revisions are not that uncommon, especially since you had your initial surgery 16 years ago. About the time you had your initial GCS, surgeons were just then getting good at the cosmetic aspects of GCS. The techniques have advanced since then and will continue to advance in the future. This is just the nature of modern medicine and be thankful for that.

When I was a very young child, GCS was not even a possibility. Then Christine Jorgensen made the headlines in 1953. Christine's initial surgery was limited to the techniques available of that era. She had a number of revisions since then.

If you desire a revision, then by all means, do it. Just keep in mind that what you desire may not be available at this time.  There are limits to what any surgeon can do. If you want scars removed, then that may not be available. A good surgeon can minimize a scar, but not remove it completely.

When you go for your consult, be very specific as to your desires. Then let the surgeon explain what they can do about it.

Take care and good luck.  :-*

I dont know the cosmetics and surgeries16 years ago. Today, its very difficult to distinguish. I say this because I am helping many younger tgs in their surgery.There is only one solution, see a surgeon and be very specific.

Each persons view of a beaitiful vagina is different. Each cis vagina is different,  see the vagina wall posters. As a famous playboy I can confirm this, and I remember some unique ones and some I considered perfect.

Also doctors often cannot distinguish the grs vagina. I have been in the examination room with my tg friends and its true. Pornhub, well thats film and if you delve into other lower quality sites sone vaginas look wierd. Sine with massive clits, some with birth tear scars, some with overabundant labias. We each have our own vision. Good luck

I had surgery in Spain for my SRS, in Barcelona specifically, in a Catholic clinic to be more exact. They would not let me move but when it was night and there were no nurses around, I would go down to the chapel and pray to the Virgin so that my vagina would be very pretty and just like a girl's when the bandages were removed. Indeed, the health personnel were surprised at how good it was, even my cousin told me that it seemed that she had just given birth and the inflammation was due to childbirth. I have labia majora, labia minora, small clitoris, clitoral hood, nice vaginal entrance, I have no scars, what little I had was blurred with pubic hair. I was really very lucky. My current boyfriend didn't realize it at first, I still had blood coming out of the operation but he thought it was the menstruation just like the beautician who waxed my groin afterwards. Many people have seen my vagina, friends, family, and everyone has said that it looks like a cis vagina. I have been lucky, he was not the best doctor on a personal level, but I had a good surgery and after my restoration of points due to debris at a Bellvitge public hospital, they treated me well to help me understand the care that it entails. I've taken good care of her. dilations (but without stressing, sometimes I have not dilated), washes, professional intimate gel, healthy eating at the beginning of my recovery, almost vegan, not even cow's milk (oatmeal), money for wounds, iodine every day . and now my vagina is beautiful. But I know unfortunately cases of people who did not go well. A dear friend of mine had very wide and unpleasant scars for her due to a lack of weight as well and her overweight. I was lucky that they gave me excellent care for having this problem, I also had a urine infection and staphylococcus, not everything was perfect. But I am very grateful to have what I have always dreamed of. Surely there are great doctors around the world who can help you with these reviews. A hug. There is always place for hope

I had 4 surgeries on my vagina, including GCS. The second surgery was to remove scar tissue from the graft that died and did not take. I lost about 2 inches in depth from that operation.  The third operation was to inject fat into the vaginal area and make a robust hood. I have my whole glands penis for my clit and it is very small. I guess 1/10 of the original size ( I was very small).

I saw Dr. RBL in NYC to originally review PPV and cosmetic concerns. I was able to gain depth so that is not needed. She reviewed how she could perform cosmetic work. What her plan was would leave me with a potential labia tear from sex. So I did not pursue the surgery. There was another issue. When parts of my graph died the lower vaginal entrance has a V like tissue path. It is from where the graph died in that location. Dr. McGinn and Dr. RBL both said they could cut and suture the location. However, there would be a chance it could open from sex.

So my vagina is a little different at the lower entrance. It has smoothed out and is much less noticeable now. I realized that the Sabian and XL toys and caused the scar tissue to stretch and soften. No guy has ever said anything and I have been with a lot of guys. So, I am inclined to not do anything. I really do not want another operation down there and the healing and the potential of a tare.

From the fat graft operation I would estimate 80% of the fat reabsorbed. I think there needs to be several smaller grafts of fat and not a large one. Anyhow, I have nice labia now. I further increased the labia by using a vacuum device. I have received compliments from woman about my vagina at play parties.

The wall of vaginas is a good place to view. I gained a lot of confidence with my body at play parties.



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