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What is the best way to cover up a zit?

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What is the best way to cover up a zit (pimple on face)?


There's a new thing called 'Dots for Spots'  and they are pretty cool.. they fix the spot, but also hide it.. and you can put makeup over them too... They are very good.. my daughter like them a lot...

Acne is a bacterial infection and needs to be treated effectively or it will get worse. You might try Bye Bye Breakout from Sephora. It is a treatment and concealer in one product.

For other products, just google Concealers for Acne and see what comes up.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this product.

Thank you for the ideas.   :)


Northern Star Girl:
As a teen I never did have a lot of problems with zits and pimples...
if I did, a little dab of something I used back then....  Clearasil ...usually did the trick for a day or two until it went away.
...and even now I very fortunately do not experience those kinds of issues.

I will count my lucky stars because I know that some of
my friends had severe breakouts that damaged their skin and left scars.



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