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Woman murdered in New York adds to already record-high violent death rate of tra


Woman murdered in New York adds to already record-high violent death rate of trans people in 2020

LGBTNation  By Juwan J. Holmes on January , 2021

The Ali Forney Center in New York City announced the death of their client, Alexandria Winchester, earlier last week to conclude 2020. “This week we learned that one of our clients, Alexandria Winchester, a young transgender woman of color, was murdered on the streets of our city,” the Center wrote in posts online. “The details about her murder are still emerging, and it is believed she knew her murderer. We do not know whether she was targeted because of her identity.”

I HATE posting stories like this, but murder because of being transgender is our reality.


Thank you, Devlyn.

Violence and death really hits  me hard if I stop to think about, so i'm going to focus on this.

"Last year was the deadliest year for fatal violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people that we have ever tracked. This is unacceptable. We must all come together and work to bring this violence to an end."

There's a very obvious potential reason for this and i've been quite vocal about it this year, identity politics, people have been using smaller minority groups to bolster support for divisive political causes. It's like i'm trans so I have to hate certain people or agree with certain opinions.

I've seen an increase in the number of abusive comments and general bad behaviour toward myself this past year, and in every single incident it was because that person had assumed my allegiance to certain socio-political movements or ideas which I simply have no opinion on and don't want to be associated with. Where is my choice in this?
I'm also a cyclist, so therefore I can't afford a car (I actually own 3), I think I own the road, I always jump red lights and I seek to murder pedestrians at every turn.

I've even seen some of my favourite Youtubers, who previously had no problem with the trans community, suddenly turn around and start making ill-informed comments in the past 12 months. The world has become so divided, so tribalistic, it's no wonder there's more violence.

My own BF doesn't want me go anywhere without him, that's how bad it's become.


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