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Hair Transplant Recommendation in Washington DC area


I am finally going to work on my hair.   Do any of you have a recommendation for hair restoration in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area?

No recommendations, but then again, as a (man and a) cosplayer, I'm a huge fan of wigs.  Its pretty cool to be able to change your hair style and color by using them. 

Good luck sister, I hope someone else can help you.


I live in Florida, so I have no recommendations for your area.

Just google "Hair transplants in Washington DC" as see what comes up. There are many doctors in your area who do this.

The important things I would keep in mind are if they are using an established procedure, not experimental, that they divide each graft into single hair follicles before transplanting, and they also use platelet rich plasma in the transplanted area.

Other than that, the only other real concern is cost and a history of satisfied patients. This is an all day procedure, so expect the costs to be in line with time spent and the number of people involved. I had 2200 follicles transplanted and my procedure took about 8 hours to complete. Four hours in the morning to harvest and divide the follicles and another fours hours to transplant them to the area where they were needed. I paid $11,000, but the results are priceless.  ;D

Thanks!  There are so many hair transplant places around that I don't know where to start.  Is there an equivalent of Consumer Reports for hair transplants?


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