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Hi again Monica,

My own marriage did not survive. Our kids are grown up and accepting, and my wife tried to be. We found a great relationship counselor and worked with him for several years. But I was always holding back a little, despite encouragement to say what I really needed. When I finally did, and revealed that I wanted to begin hormone therapy, my wife said that was it, it was over. She had drawn a line, I knew it, and I needed to cross over it.

As several others said above, if you can remain flexible and communicate well, then things can work out. Good luck!

Maid Marion:
Many people have fantasies that won't ever come true.  Just because something is said doesn't mean it will ever be acted on.  I remember a Twilight zone episode of someone fantasizing about robbing a bank.  But that is all it was, a fantasy.
Next Hector hears an old, trusted employee, Smithers, thinking about how he will steal cash from the bank and escape to Bermuda. He takes Helen fully into his confidence; she doesn't believe in his powers, but urges him to tell Bagby about Smithers. Hector does, saying he overheard Smithers talking about the theft; incredulous at first, Bagby decides the story is plausible enough to try catching Smithers in the act. Smithers proves to be innocent, and Bagby fires Hector. Smithers then privately admits to Poole that he has fantasized for years about just such a theft as an escape from his dead-end job, but is too set in his ways to go through with it.


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