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--- Quote from: Evienne on January 13, 2021, 09:26:41 pm ---This makes sense too except... isn't hazel brown/goldish or green? Mine (being hazel) have never had a blueish look, though if you say yours have perhaps. I'd rather just say it's magic :D

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I can use a little magic!!! :D I was told Hazel was not brown/gold OR green..... it was BOTH!!!  My brown/gold is right around the pupil, and my green isn't very bright green....  so in the right light it does come off as a shade of blue. :icon_cool:



Rachel Montgomery:
Expansion or contraction of the iris can lead to minute changes in eye color.

This can occur when a person:

    focuses the eyes
    spends time either in very dark or brightly lit areas
    experiences strong emotions

I can imagine that being in the store as your feminize self could be exciting, causing your iris to open, changing its color.  Since outside, it was green, check with a mirror outside about the same time of day.  Or, many things being relative, are you wearing the same color of top as both male and female?  You can have something that looks brown next to once color and grey next to another (if it has both tones).


--- Quote from: SarahEL on January 13, 2021, 09:56:43 pm ---My eyes change from blue to grey to green to hazel to brown..  sometimes one eye is different to the other.

I have weird genetics.. and so have always blamed it on that.. but really, I can have piercing blue eyes one day, and dark brown the next.. the only thing is, I have no conscious control over it...

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I'm glad I'm not the only one with eyes that noticeably change. I have noticed it in the past, but I have always brushed it off as weird reflections, optics or something. This was the first time someone else has noticed the green and said something. As far as "b" for boy and blue and "g" for girl and green, thats very interesting. I am becoming more open with my feminine self in the last few months, not necessarily through dressing, just not masculinizing every move I make so maybe this change in mental state is affecting my eye color. It would be nice to wake up in the morning, look at what color my eyes are, and dress accordingly!

I tried to take some pics of my eyes, but my eyes always looked faded compared to the mirror. Maybe blue, maybe green. The camera seems to have some challenges at close range, lol. I did notice that there are flecks of hazel around the edge of the pupil and along the peripheral of the iris, so maybe this is contributing more to the color than I realized.

I have spent more time in the last 48 hours looking at my eyes than I have in the last 40 years! They are actually pretty. Not just my eyes, eyes in general. I have seen close ups of eyes, but it never really occurred to me to really look at mine. There is a lot more color and structure there than first meets the eye.

I am not sure of the mechanism.. but it is more than just light or reflections... Talking to my ex-partner about this they told me that 'you have always had blue eyes' and went on saying it was a feature they liked.. my daughter sitting next to her, corrected her and said 'No, she has always had brown eyes'.... when they both then looked, at that time, my eyes were green..  and they both looked shocked...
On a skype video call to my boyfriend, he notices a lot them changing, and one night even commented that I had one blue and one brown... looking in the mirror, I confirmed this myself..
So.. it is possible.. they do change and it is not just me that is noticing it...
There doesn't seem to be any consistency in it.. my hormones are regulated (all of them) and so no fluctuations there.. it is independent of what colours or clothes I am wearing.. so, yeah, I dunno.. only that it is a thing....


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