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Expensive wigs worth it?

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I had a $20 wig that got tangled beyond repair after 1 use. Is this typical of a cheap wig? Are the ~$100 wigs worth it?

Ooh I paid $25 for mine and it lasted a lot longer. About a dollar per use. You get what you pay for

I haven't tried a better one yet.

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Haley Conner:
The pricier ones are much better, IMO.

The more expensive ones have a monofilament front (min) or lace. This means it blends with your head and forehead showing it through the wig that in turn makes it look more like it is your own hair. Mine cost about £150 and I have had it for about a year, still looking quite good but does need replacing when funds allow. Even more expensive can be human hair but no experience with them

Jessica xx

Haley Conner:
Better fit...lighter...more realistic...more comfortable.


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