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Conservative legislators want transgender kids' lives as the new battlefield in their culture war

NBC News (opinion) by Chase Strangio on January 17, 2021

We are not yet three weeks into 2021, President-elect Joe Biden has yet to be inaugurated and already powerful forces on the right have made clear what will be the next front in their so-called culture war — which is to say, their effort to maintain political power by demonizing the bodies, private lives and personal decisions of Americans they’ve deemed unworthy of such autonomy.

This time, they’ve chosen transgender youth as their target, seeking to capitalize on insidious stereotypes about trans people, preposterous pseudoscience and a divisive cadre of supposed women’s rights campaigners who believe the only way to achieve gender equality is to oppress other people.
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This may come off harsh.  If it does I apologize.

I don’t this as a conservative or liberal issue.

I see it as a transphobe trying to assert superiority over others.

Especially after the last couple of months, I see transphobia, racism, misogyny, sexism, and blatant attempts at supremacy because people are different from each other and this person can’t accept it.

I tend to be conservative on fiscal issues, but I’m definitely not conservative when it comes to human rights.  It’s me. It’s what I think is important.

I’ve come to believe that every time we label something as conservative or liberal we broad-brush it and inhibit the actual conversation that needs to happen.

Again, sorry if this comment comes off harsh.  These are just the thoughts that hit me when I read the title.

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Things may soon be changing in the U.S., now that Trump's gone.

Yeah I'm not cool with making picks for important government positions because of color or sexual orientation, etc. The most qualified people should have the job, especially right now in the middle of a pandemic.