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Been on T for three years, voice is lower but...not manly


Hi! Ive been on T for 3 years now and its been amazing. I love my facial hair as it gets me correctly gendered every time people see it. However ever since this pandemic started and Ive had to cover it with a mask I realized the reason so many people misgender me lately is because of my voice...Its certainly lower than when I started, but it still sounds "womanly"...Is there anything I can do about this?

Maid Marion:
Yes you can.  Voice is more than just pitch.  Women modulate their voices more than men.  They also use more words to say the same thing.  I had Speech Therapy to learn to properly modulate my voice.  It helped me gender my voice correctly.

Rise and fall of speech with loudness versus pitch.


Nadine Spirit:
A voice being perceived as male or female has to do with more than just pitch.  Plenty of women of lower pitched voices and they are still perceived as feminine for a large variety of reasons.  During my voice therapy I learned about so many other things besides just pitch. 

Trans males are often not thought of as taking voice therapy as the T will just naturally lower your voice, but y'all need it just as much as trans women do. (normally) 

Is there any voice therapists that specialize in transgender voice therapy near you?  Unless someone says in their youtube description that they are one, I wouldn't trust anyone's video.  Many men have had vocal damage because of some well-meaning video makers.

Instead, look for someone that has had specific training.



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