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Perceptions and Motivations for Uterus Transplant in Transgender Women


Perceptions and Motivations for Uterus Transplant in Transgender Women

JAMA by Benjamin P. Jones, BSc (Hons)1,2; Abirami Rajamanoharan, BSc (Hons)1; Saaliha Vali, BSc (Hons)1,2; et al on January 20, 2021

Question  What are the perceptions and motivations of transgender women for uterus transplant?

Findings  This survey study of 182 transgender women found that to more than 90% of the respondents indicated that uterus transplant may improve quality of life in transgender women, alleviate dysphoric symptoms, and enhance feelings of femininity.

Rachel Montgomery:
I only want a uterus so I can carry a child.  I would LOVE to be pregnant and have a baby.

For me, the uterus would just be for that purpose, and once the baby is delivered (c section), it would probably be removed.  It isn’t something I would want to take anti-rejection medication for long term, just to say I have one.  “I had a child” would be plenty good enough for me.

If I can’t get pregnant (through insemination) or can’t carry the child to term, then there would be no point for me to acquire a uterus.

Rachel Montgomery:
I am actually too old to have a baby.  Not literally too old to carry one, but too old to be it’s mother.  At this point, I am at more the stage of life of being a “grandmother”.

I'll start be saying I'm a science fiction fan so this may seem far fetched, but a lot of today's science was the sci-fi science of Star Trek (The Original Series).

What if science were able to grow a uterus for transplant or use your DNA to grow the complete reproductive system in you/for you? This is serious research for heart, lung and liver replacement and there are plenty of cis-women who would benifit as well as trans-women.

Interesting article though. Touches on what society feels makes a woman a woman. These are my observations and I am not trying to validate or invalidate anybody's feelings. Trans-women feel that a functioning uterus and vagina would increase their feelings of femininity. Womens rights say they are not their vaginas/uteruses and those organs don't define what a woman is. Infertile women feel like less of a woman. Three different, yet valid feelings.

For me personally, I too am too old to be a mother to a newborn. If I were 21, I would consider a transplant to be a valid option. In my sci-fi world of having my own female reproductive system, I'll get that ASAP.

Rachel Montgomery:
If that were possible, I’d like to be entirely female.


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