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GCS, Bluebond-Langner / Zhao, January 2021

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On Thursday, after 48 years and 169 days on this planet, the day I have wished for will have arrived: assuming nothing weird happens between now and Thursday, my GCS will be taking place. I have arrived in New York and am hanging out in my Airbnb, awaiting my upcoming GCS at NYU-Langone. Schedule for this week is:
* Monday: COVID test
* Wednesday: Pre-op appointment
* Thursday: Surgery day / sleep
* Friday: OMG! OMG! OMG! It's done!
* Next Tuesday: Discharge

Heading into this procedure, here are my thoughts:
* OMG! OMG! OMG! It's happening!
* Getting the ball rolling on slotting myself on the waiting list for NYU-Langone was one of the first things I did when I started transition. Now that I'm here, two years later, it really is nice to look back and see how much I have accomplished.
* I'm not scared of the surgery. I have high confidence in the surgical and aftercare team.
* I am daunted by the upcoming dilation trials. I hate having to stick to routines, but post-op dilation is the definition of the need to stick to routine. So I'm setting an initial goal of just going into hardcore beast mode and pushing through the first 90 days. No whining, no wavering; stick to the schedule.

If I can honestly say that I stuck to the 90-day routine, it will be one of my proudest achievements of my life.

Unlike @Megan., I will not be posting every day. Maybe 1-2x week for me. I'm a terrible journalist so I'll save up for important moments.

Stay tuned.


Take care and take comfort that we are all thinking of you.  :-*

Many of us here have been through the same experience you are about to undertake. Feel free to post when you are up to it. No pressure from us. I, personally know of at least one other lady who has had surgery with Dr Bluebond-Langner. You are in safe hands.  ;)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Sarah:
Your time has come!    :o :o :o

You will be my thoughts and prayers and in the thoughts
of everyone here on the forums as you are about to take
one of the big steps in your transition journey.

Only as you feel comfortable doing keep us all updated.

My best wishes and my prayers are with you.

Congratulations and Good Luck!

I still have 269 days to go ;-)

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Day before surgery is so weird...

I just finished lunch and I’m going to put in a couple more hours of work before heading out to my pre-op appointment. It’s very weird! I have had a very normal work day, I did a couple of Zoom calls and I’m working through my tasks just like any other day.

But tomorrow, everything changes! Like everything! Tomorrow, I’m going to be completely out of it following the  surgery. And then Friday, I’ll be bedridden, still pretty out of it, and emotionally digesting what just happened and the long dilation recovery period ahead.

So weird how things can change just in a matter of hours. It must be something similar to what astronauts feel the night before a launch. Something you’ve dreamed of your entire life, something you’ve worked for years to make happen, and then one eve you know it’s probably happening the next day, and you feel this jumble of emotions but you’re trying to focus on the tasks at hand.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel.



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