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GCS, Bluebond-Langner / Zhao, January 2021

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Sarah:
Please know that you are not alone... many of us here on the Forums fully understand and appreciate what and how you are feeling the day before your surgery.

You will be in all of our thoughts....   
Only post updates as you feel comfortable doing so....

You are in my prayers and thoughts... and as always my best wishes go out to you as you take this very big step in your transition journey....   
HUGS, and more HUGS...   

You are amazing Sarah.

Bless you tomorrow and your next 90

Please do well.

It’s done! And I’m bored....

At the end of the day, I didn’t feel much of a celebration feeling upon waking up. And I attribute that feeling to three things:

1} I can’t see anything down there. With the wound vac surrounding my pelvis, I really can’t see any of the changes. And I actually still kinda feel my penis down there even though I know it’s not there.

2) I know that dilation is coming, I really don’t view surgery as the milestone. I view getting through dilation as the milestone. It’s a lot like climbing Mount Everest: you can’t celebrate too much when you make it to the top because you still have to get down from a dangerous mountain. Same concept here.

3) My personal nature is not to celebrate accomplishments. I’m always looking to the next thing. And the next thing is dilation.

None of these feelings is a surprise, because I know who I am. When I talked to my therapist before leaving for my surgery, she mentioned that my focus on getting through dilation was unusual. Many trans women focus on the surgery, and my therapist said it was good to be focused on dilation because it is critical to a good outcome.

I agree, but I wish I could celebrate more. But that’s tough to do when you’re on mandatory bed rest alone in the hospital. But I’m not totally alone. I did get many messages of support via text and I called a few people as well. It was nice catching up with the people who have been with me during my whole journey.

On to day+1. More bed rest today I think, although I was told that I may be ask to walk over to chair today. I’ll try to celebrate! ;)



Congratulations again!

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And another congratulations from me.  ;D

I felt the same way when I had my GCS. Now, on to live the rest of my life.  :-*


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