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Vocal cord injections


Had vocal cord injection yesterday to correct imbalance and to raise my pitch. Now hoarse but need to retrain my voice to the higher pitch.

Angélique LaCava:
I didn't know that was a thing. How much did it cost you and is it permanent?

The doctor's name is Dr. Opperman. He runs the Colorado Voice Clinic in Denver. His approach to try to correct vocal cord issues and raise the pitch to a female level. He uses Restylane as a filler within the vocal cords. this corrects and closes up the lower end of the range. The filler must be redone every 3-4 months. He will do surgery if this is not sufficient.

Cost: Medicare covered the procedure but not the Restylane. The cost was $250.00

Hi RachelTG,

I'm curious about your experiences. Did the injection help you? Can I ask you, what kind of vocal cord issues you have? I had two injections with Hyaluronic acid and the next will be in a month. In my case, the doctor tries to close my vocal folds better. I have a insufficient vocal fold closure.

And did the raise of your pitch work?



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