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"Old FtM" still perceived as a woman

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It's true : It's for me not for them but it's complicate to have a public/social/professional life when
when people refer me to female status. However I will continue to do sports, to change some external aspects: for about 2 years I dress very sporty and I feel better like this. I changed job and my new job allows me to be dressed like this (jogging, sweatshirt, baskets...) and it's so much better for me. But I'm very short with a very feminine face so the people take me often just for masculine woman and it's so irritating.

Zarathoustra, my heart breaks for you. You have a man's brain, so you are literally hardwired to move through the world as a man. I assert this without knowing you because I read that FTMs' brains are distinctly male in structure.

I wonder if you're not taking enough testosterone. Testosterone is a powerful drug and the FTMs that I've seen in the media appear male. Heck, the MMA fighters who take testosterone appear male and that's not even their intent. Testosterone should do more than give you facial hair. It should change the structure of your face and the shape of your body. I urge you to consult with an endocrinologist and if you already have one, perhaps seek a second opinion.

Maid Marion:
If you can afford it I would suggest working with a speech therapist to work on your voice.  It is much more than pitch.  How you modulate sentences and choose words is as important.


Interesting for the voice!

My body is less feminine than before but not enough masculine.

I do lot of swimming and I feel better with this practice.

I think it's the fault at face shape and to be very small.  :/

Maid Marion:
Mannerisms and how you interact socially are just as important as how you look.
I smile too much to be a guy.  It may help to observe and watch how guys interact.

The hard thing about social interactions is that there isn't time to think about what to do.
The feminine thing to do is to go first while someone holds the door for you. 
But it gets awkward the moment someone hesitates. 



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