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Online gaming as trans


I want to know what your gaming experiences have been as a trans person.

Do you fail to attract Twitch viewers?

Are gaming shops welcoming towards you?

How do you communicate with your clan/guild/team? Does your voice get in the way?

Hey Ashley, I don't go on Twitch (I do have a Discord account, but I'm rarely on there), but I've participated in a few online Youtube streams where I submitted my Super Mario Maker 2 courses.

Honestly, it's never come up about my being trans, but my own attitude is that, this is who I am, like it or not, and I'm here.  But, I know there's a huge cross section of people, and we have just as much of a place there as everyone else.

So, I'd say, grab your seat, own your seat, and grab the controller and go.

I'd suggest following trans Twitch streamers and interacting with their communities. There are quite a few of them.. from the top of my mind, Chelsea Manning, Riley Roshong, Demon Mama, RiverboatJack, LumiRue...

I have not had many problems playing online games as a transgender person, you get a few mean people but they dont phase me, I will never meet them in real life. I have mostly had good experiences, if you look in mmos you can often find LGBT guilds or kins or whatever they are called in that mmo

I'm trans, and I haven't been able to get a single twitch follower unfortunately. :(
But cum hoc, it's more so due to my lack of having a twitch account than anything else. :p

I've had friends tell me I should do a twitch as they claim I have a good personality for it but idk. I never felt comfortable with it.
But I have still had plenty of online experiences just voice chatting and haven't really run into much of any issues thus far. I don't typically bother to tell people about me and people typically don't bother to ask so it works out as it should in my opinion...normal.


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