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Creating Ellen's new life

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Ellen, congratulations on your upcoming retirement. And I'm glad your BA went well.

I don't know how to comfort you in these difficult times other than to say that I and many others are on your side and want all the best for you.

If you're in Cheyenne, WY, it's a short drive south on I-25 to visit quite a few of us in Colorado. I'd love to host you for a few days and we could certainly arrange visits with others. Another way to pass some of that difficult December and January time.

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.



Thank you for the offer for me to stop by. My niece is in Cheyenne and I will be spending Christmas there.  But I am not sure when I am heading up there or heading back home. I will PM you when I have more defined travel plans.


I am now officially retired  :icon_joy: :eusa_dance: :icon_dance:

For years I have done volunteer work for the Marconi Foundation for Kids, where we raise funds to help kids at risk. The founder has always said that his life motto was that you Learn, Earn and then Return. I plan to move to that final step of Returning to society. I have already started reaching out to some contacts about where I can volunteer. Two suggestions were Convenient House and Childrens Hospital of Orange County. I also want to help a couple of animal rescue groups.

I am looking forward to helping kids and animals. Two of god's creature that cannot help themselves.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Ellen:
It is a wonderfully rewarding feeling to be able to "give back" and to volunteer.  There are so many ways to do that and I am glad you are finding your nitches.

I am not retired and far from it but I make time to participate in charity runs and charity walks.  Also in some of my gals-groups we bake cookies and candy and go around to the local shut-ins to sing some Christmas Carols and then we give them a treats plates with cookies, breads and candies.   I am also involved in civic events and meetings in my town.

Thank you for posting and sharing, it is nice to see that in these dire times regarding finances, health, and broken homes and relationships that there are those that will take the time and money to try to make lives better and happier for others.

Hats off to you!!!!

Thank you for sharing and posting.

Congratulations on your retirement Ellen.  This is where your life gets even busier if my retired friends are to be believed!! haha
Giving back and volunteering is all good stuff but remember to take a little for you too... you deserve it.
I send you the best of good wishes in your retirement being amazing. xx


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