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What do you do with your hair for sleeping?

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I just leave my hair loose when I sleep, but sometimes it gets caught under my shoulder. Kind of nice to have it covering my ears when the room is very cold  :)

Do any of you restrain it (hair tie I assume)? Or is the usual just to leave it loose?

I've heard of using silk pillowcases to reduce hair loss too.

Good question.  Overnight always loose but with a nap I will use a tie.  I haven't heard of the pillowcase theory.

Maid Marion:
I switched to a satin pillowcase last year.  I think it helps.  I put on my jackets carefully to avoid my hair getting caught in zippers.


I bought some shampoo last year and they have me a silk pillowcase. I've been using it and really like it because your hair easily flows over the pillowcase and doesn't get caught like on a regular cotton pillowcase.

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Usually nothing. Very occasionally, I will try wearing a soft headband, but it always falls out while I’m sleeping.

I am going to try the silk pillowcase at some point.



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