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Pfizer Vaccine and hrt

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Wondering if any mtf on hrt has had the pfizer vaccine and how it affected them going to get mine tomorrow and was just wondering if any problems...

I've been on HRT for over 3 months and had my first Pfizer injection Monday. Minor arm soreness that day, but that was it for me.

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I got my first shot a week ago. I asked about interactions and they said there shouldn't be any. My only advice is to get in your primary arm. You will want to keep that arm active for a day or so. It was sore for me for about two days.

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Had my 2 shots of Pfizer vaccine (second one 5 days ago). A bit of temperature (not fever... 37.7°C) the day after and minimal soreness at the injection point and that's it. I'm on estradiol, progesterone and a low dose cyproterone acetate.

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Thanks for the input all makes me less nervous in getting it tomorrow will let everyone know how I do tomorrow ...


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