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If you could change your work week to a new schedule, what would you choose?

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If you could change your work week to a new schedule, what would you choose?

Many people work 7-4, 8-5, or 9-6, MTWThF.  Five days, 40 hours a week.  Plus more or different hours if you are a business owner, manager, on call, have shift work, or have seasonal hours, etc.

If you had a choice to work more hours a day but fewer days a week, for the same compensation, what would you choose?

If you were to schedule your work week to no more than four days a week, which days would you pick to usually work? MTWTh? TWThF? WThFS? MT plus ThF?  Other?  Some people want to work one day on the weekends.


Northern Star Girl:
Being self-employed as I am, I have great flexibility in my work schedule. 
My chosen job field as a CPA and Financial Planner dictates a work schedule of early
mornings and a Monday thru Friday work week.

However when I am very busy with work, such as the impending Tax Season I can
be found working 12 and 15 hour days and some weekends.

The flip side of this is when I am not embroiled in tax and financial work for my
clients I can easily schedule time off, a day or two,  or perhaps an entire week or two.

Obviously I can not overdo the time off ... business depends on me being at my office.

Being self-employed comes with the personality trait and personal commitment of
being a motivated self-starter.


This doesn't exactly answer your question, but I can add some perspectives.

I am semi-retired, working on a contract basis. I do mostly self directed software work, so I don't really need to be online at a particular time except for meetings, and those are mercifully few. I've been remote for the past year.

So I was allowed to set my own schedule. I've been doing TWTh, with 4 uninterrupted days off, FSaSuM. I try for 8 hours the days I work, but it depends on the work whether I achieve that. Sometimes I attend on a M or F for a meeting, or if I need to make up time or meet a deadline.

I hadn't really thought about working weekends, since mostly nobody cares when I work. But it is handy to have others around to bounce ideas off of, or to respond to my emails (sometimes ). Also my personal events tend to cluster around weekends or evenings since those are the times other people are off.

So I guess my need for social connection (such as it is during the pandemic) drives me to maintain a fairly traditional, if shortened, schedule.

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Battle Goddess:
This is such a cool question.

I work from home and am awful at setting firm boundaries between me time and work time because ideas happen 24/7, and they're best when they're fresh.

This can leave me coding for hours at all hours, and to me it's playtime that I get paid for. Thus the bad boundaries, etc. It's a hard cycle to break.

I am a night owl, though, and my preference is always to wait until late morning, whatever the day.

Nowadays many work away from an office.

How would you arrange your ideal schedule, within any constraints you have?

Do you like working on teams via remote video setups?



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