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I'm writing an Intersex character for a story, but I'm not Intersex myself.

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No, you didn't come across as rude, and we're happy to educate people with a genuine desire to learn. I hope that you haven't misunderstood my intent, my first obligation is the safety, security, and comfort of our members. So I look out for them.

Hugs, Devlyn

Hi, I had my genome analyzed and compared to know polymorphisms.

I am mosaic and have a lot of polymorphisms for 5 alpha reductase and 5 alpha dehydrogenase. I can share with you the information if you like.

When I was closed up by Dr. McGinn in her procedure room a week post GCS she said, "you know you are intersected". My Sister was in the room and it was embarrassing. Dr. McGinn went on to say my anatomy is very different.

Dr. McGinn  did three operations and two procedures on me for GCS.

What is it like, bad. I was on three swim teams growing up. I hid in the male locker room to get changed. I had no bump in my speedo. I stopped swimming at 13 because I was so uncomfortable. I had a really small scrotum, my gonads would go inside as well as my micro penis. I use to think I had an insey. My legs are very long, much longer than my torso. I was told by a woman once that I had very beautiful long legs.

Puberty sucked and never got better. I hid who I was. I knew I was a girl and told my mom just before age 5. It got really bad at home.

One of the things my ex would always say is I was tiny and other degrading things. When we divorced, after she said  she never liked having sex with me. She said I was very small and soft and it was not enjoyable.


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