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Looking for european post-op trans women for a study !


Admin note ~ This study has received ethical approval. Participants assume all responsibility.

Hi there ! It's been a long time :D

This is a post about medical research made BY trans women, FOR trans women, WITH trans women. I hope it's not a problem with the forum rules ?

Since my surgery in 2016, I've been more and more interested in gynecological health : why does it sometimes smell differently, why does it sometimes itches, etc. I'm currently studying to become a gynecologist (yay ;) ) but for now, I'm a Master 2 student in life science research.

I joined a Lab last year and started a pretty serious (and time consuming) project about trans health, a study named "Transbiome", with two PhD colleagues and mentors. (one of them is a sweet FtX trans guy) This is a study approved by a national ethical committee and organized by a national-level public medical organization (INSERM in France).

To make the story short : no one knows what's our neo-vaginal flora, and it sucks. Because it can impact our chances of STIs, of Cancer, and it drives our risks of vaginosis and yeast infections. We want to change that. Currently there has only been 3 (poor quality) studies about it.

We're looking for 50 european post-op trans women (we already have around 20, including myself). If you're interested, you can find all the information on our website :

The participation only require a postal address, your data is obviously anonymous (this is a professional study) and I'm here to answer any question you might have !  :)

This is really important for us - the more participants we have, the better the research will be. And this research could really change the life of post-op trans women so...

Again, you can ask me any question !

Clara / Ange

This study has been approved by the Staff. Participants are advised to take all measures to protect their identities and privacy.

We have asked the publisher to make the results available to our members when the research is complete.



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